“How much time on social networks is considered healthy?” You should never have to make that decision for yourself, because what other people decide to do with their time is none of your business.

This is a personal choice, not a professional or medical one, and I am not here to debate the importance of physical well-being or health. What I want to do is to point out that there are differences in healthy living, and unhealthy choices. And, sometimes, that difference can be shocking.

Many of us consider online activities to be a waste of time, because we are not engaging in them. We think that the idea of logging on, answering e-mails, making social networking accounts, chatting with friends, playing games and following trends is just not worth our time. In a way, we are right. That may be why there are more self-proclaimed gurus than gurus on this topic.

But, if you think about it, how much time on social networks is considered healthy? Do you spend time reading online newsletters, blogs, advertisements and website content? Of course you do.

If you do this online activities, you might be missing out on some very important social interaction. With instant messaging, chatting, and more, you can now meet up with people from all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are also groups on Facebook and other websites that allow you to find others that share your interests, and get together to do things that you will never do in person.

So, is it okay to be spending too much time doing these things? Is it OK to be missing out on some of the most important parts of human life? If so, you need to seriously evaluate how much time on social networks is considered healthy. You need to think twice before you jump into a decision about what type of time on social networks is considered healthy.

How much time on social networks is considered healthy? It really depends on the individual. In my case, I love taking part in online discussion forums, which I find to be the most therapeutic part of my day. And, I use it to talk with other people that share my same interests.

I do not sit and read through my e-mails after a long day of work, but rather, I go online and use the time to give an answer to a question or to help someone else. I cannot imagine going online every day without interacting with people on the Internet. Most of the time, I do not even think about it, because it is such a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Yet, sometimes, when you spend all your time online chatting, reading and following trends, and you have too much time to spare, you are losing good time. And, that makes you a very unhealthy choice.

You may think that by the time you get back to reality, your time is already wasted. Well, it really depends on you.

Of course, some people seem to spend more time on social networks than they actually need to. That is OK, because there are times when the energy and time just do not exist, and you should consider those times as “spent” rather than “wasted”.

Just be careful when you decide how much time on social networks is considered healthy. Not everyone thinks the same way you do. What you think is OK may not be for another person.

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